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Special Blessing

The%20U.S.%20modern%20military%20is%20turning%20a%20high-tech%20tool%20on%20the%20pigeons%20of%20Times%20Square%20pic%20via%20DIGITALFOGdotcom.jpgThe Indian subcontinent is filled with reverence for nature. In the Hindu pantheon, for example, you'll find many animals or animal-man transfigurations. Observant Jains, another religious sect, wear masks to prevent even the accidental inhalation of bugs for fear of hurting them.

This is all well and good, however this Westerner wonders if they haven't taken it a bit too far. What prompted the question? It was the uninvited reception of a very special blessing.

Walking through one of the markets, we passed a large circular cage absolutely teaming with pigeons. This was not particularly interesting in and of itself, however we did note passers-by stopping to pay homage to the creatures with food.

As it turns out, the cage is not a cage at all, but rather a fence, allowing the birds to fly freely out the top. Which they do, alighting to nearby trees in droves. Which brings me to our blessing. (Anyone see where this might be going?) So, on our stroll through the market, we happened to pass underneath one of these trees filled with pigeons. In so doing, we exposed ourselves to the holy experience: being rained on by pigeon poo.

Our immediate action was, I think, quite predictable. We surveyed the damage with grimaces. It was our friends reaction that was noteworthy; he placed the palms of his hands together under his chin in a sign of prayer and told us we had received a blessing that would bring us very good luck.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose he's right.

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