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G(r)ay Pari

The portal to Mali is Paris, which makes sense as Mali was a French colony until 1960.  I landed in Paris first thing in the morning after an over-night flight from Dulles International Airport with some anticipation.  The last time I was in Paris, it was spring, the sky was blue and people were frolicking about as if everyone were on holiday.  Despite the short duration of my visit, I expected a similar experience. 

Not this time!  This trip, the sky was gray, as was the city and its people.  Everyone seemed all business,, zipping from point A to point B in their black (or gray) clothing.  With the exception of the French tri-colour every once in a while, I don't recall seeing any color on this visit.  I wonder if there's a deeper message in these visuals.  Hmmm.

Although Paris disappointed is ambiance, I must report that I did have a number of positive experiences during my brief visit.  Food, for example, was Très Magnifique!  Since I was off to sub-saharan Africa  the next day, I made sure tosample as much of what Parisian restaurants had to offer.  While I won't plug any particular restaurants, sufficed to say I could eat my way through this city going door-to-door.

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