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Umbrella Foundation

One of the most exciting aspects of this trip for me is the opportunity to visit and volunteer with the Umbrella foundation.  Ten years of civil war in Nepal has displaced tens of thousands of children.  With countless children orphaned and even more trafficked and/or abandoned, Umbrella Foundation was established to rescue destitute children and give them access to education.  The Umbrella Foundation provides care for more conflict-displaced and trafficked children in the Kathmandu Valley than any other NGO.

Since 2005, Umbrella has focused on rescuing, housing, and educating trafficked and destitute Nepali children, serving over 350+ children to date.  Now that the civil war is over, Umbrella is focused on reuniting children with their families when conditions permit or, when reunification is not possible, providing them the education and vocational skills they need to ensure they can find gainful employment when they become adults.

I'm greatly looking forward to meeting the founders, other volunteers and, most important, the children of Nepal's Umbrella Foundation on this trip.  If you're traveling to Nepal in the future, give serious consideration to visiting and assisting Umbrella in their important work. 

If you have no immediate travel plans, then at least consider sending some of your resources to visit.  Tax-deductible donations can be made from the United States by visiting Umbrella Foundation USA.

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