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-20°C is cold, right?

One of the fun parts about a trip -- at least for guys -- is gearing up when there's technical stuff involved.  Things like °C are always a big hit!  On this trip, °C is going to matter.  No matter how you cut it, life at 18,000' can be downright chilly.

While our trek will not be particularly technical, weather is always a factor in the mountains.  According to the weather guidance, the average overnight temperature at Everest Base Camp in late October is -10°C.  That's 14°F for we yanks.  In a word, cold.

The one thing worse that being freezing is being frozen!  And both are possibilities at high altitude. That's why I bit the bullet and invested in a new sleeping bag.  I had two concerns: weight and, of course, temperature rating.  To make sure I had enough margin for emergency situations, I set my sites at -20°C.

After some research, the clear choice for me was the Marmot Col EQ.  Overall, the Col EQ is warm, light and, perhaps most important, comes highly recommended by many posters on a number of Himalayan trekking sites.

While marketed at -20°C, the bag is actually rated at -29°C according to Marmot's Site.   Beyond the insulation factor, the 800+ Goose Down fill makes the bag a mere 4 lb 4 ozs  (1.928 kgs), amazing when you figure there are bags 50% heavier with lesser ability to keep you warm.

Got the bag just a few days ago and I'm extremely pleased with the fit and finish.  I'll have to wait until the Trek, however, to give the most important report.


Reader Comments (2)

It's all about the new toys, right?! :)
Seriously though, have a really rewarding trip! xo k8
September 24, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkate
Guilty. Toys are a part of it.

But, as the Buddha observed: one needn't suffer in order to relieve suffering. It's my sincere preference to experience Nepal sans frostbite!
October 7, 2008 | Registered CommenterScott

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