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For All Our Good

On our trip to India in 2007, we met a woman who decided to use her business talents to make a social difference.  That woman was Dilbur Parakh, the founder of ASEEMA

During that visit, we realized immediately that Dilbur is one of us: an entrepreneur.  We also realized that we could make an impact on the lives of thousands, perhaps even millions of people, by creating an organization to support innovative social entrepreneurs like her.  In October, that organization became a reality.  We've named it For All Our Good.

At For All Our Good, we envision a world where every child has the opportunity to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. We believe elevating children is the key to breaking cycles of poverty.  From entrepreneurship comes individual prosperity and individual prosperity benefits every community where it germinates.

That path to prosperity for children and their families begins with clean water, sound nutrition, electricity and education. For All Our Good, therefore, will seek out and support select social entrepreneurs with novel ideas for delivering the essentials of prosperity to children around the globe. 

Our process will be simple: raise funds, offer advice and provide networking opportunities for select social entrepreneurs. Our goal is equally simple: measurable and sustainable results. Each program we support will have clearly defined objectives, achievable milestones, and a plan to become self-sustaining. Ultimately, successful programs will provide templates for other social entrepreneurs to replicate in other places.

The organization will have its own website soon.  Until then, send your positive energy our way!

More as it develops.  Stay tuned.

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