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Most High in Haiti

Over the last few months, I've had the opportunity to meet Scott Bonnell, the Executive Director of Most High Ministries, a Florida-based non-profit dedicated to reaching people across the world with messages of hope and a helping hand.  I'm a better person for the experience.

Scott's work is fearless and heartfelt -- driven by a passion to give even when there's not much material he has to share.  His passion work began in Africa, where, after retiring from an Oil Company, he helped establish an orphanage in Nigeria.  Now, Scott's energies are being invested much closer to home in Haiti.

Hope For Haiti is Most High Ministry's latest commitment.  Scott's efforts currently focus on providing basic necessities for school children trying to leverage eductation as a path from the country's abject poverty. 

Scott's efforts to bring resources to the region include a voluntourism program where select travelers can accompany Scott on his frequent relief trips to Haiti.  While I have, as yet, been unable to join, members of our Heart & Passion travel group have joined Scott on his travels; each has reported having transformative experiences.

Travel to Haiti is not for everyone.  As friend and voluntourism visionary David Clemmons once observed: "sometimes, people want see it for themselves, while others just want someone else to tell them about it."  Either way, and regardless of your selected spiritual path, consider reaching out to Scott, sharing your message of hope and lending a helping hand.  Deep inside, you'll be glad you did.

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