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Fear vs. Abundance

Over the last few months, our country has become irrationally gripped by fear.  Not since 911 have we seen such an onslaught of fear messaging carpeting the airwaves, news pages and blogs.  The fear-mongers and their political ends are a subject for another post.  The result of their work, however,  is "self-fulfilling prophecy": bad things happening to good people.

There's an alternative to fear, people: abundance thinking.  What do I mean by "abundance"?  I mean stop seeing everything as a zero-sum game and stop worrying about protecting what others perceive as being the little we have left.   Instead, dwell on things that are in infinite supply and, in fact, can be shared without fear of losing them.  Consider love, for example.  No matter how much of your love you give, your supply never reduces.   The great spiritual teachers taught just such a reality. They understood that it is the giver, not the receiver, who gets more out of a gift.

Can abundance thinking work with those things our economy holds dear?  With time? With money?  Imagine a world where no matter how much of these seemingly finite resources you give, the resources available to you never dwindle.  Is such a world possible?  Yes.  It's called Innovation.  Doing things better, faster, cheaper.  It's the phenomenon that explains how economic growth can outstrip population growth.

With both Love and Innovation, there's no downside. They are things that better your world and you can do fearlessly.  Living fearlessly is a concept that can be hard to swallow and I understand why: it's hard to let go.  In this period of perceived despair, however, what do you have to lose?

Get started on living a fearless life right now.  Over the next few weeks,  try doing two simple acts every day and see if you don't find the fear melting away and new opportunities opening up for you:

Hug a friend, co-worker, colleague or even stranger.


Give away a personal possession of at least $10 in value.

Does the idea of performing these two actions make you uncomfortable?  Why?  What are you afraid of? 

Break through that fear.  It's more simple and fulfilling than you might think.  Hand that CD in your glovebox to someone on the street; leave a ridiculous tip for that kid pouring your coffee; pick up the tab anonymously for the couple with kids at the booth across from you at Denny's; give the cold person next to you on the bus your sweatshirt; drop a ten-dollar-bill in a homeless person's cup.  Want to get your abundance homework out of the way fast?  Just hug the person you're gifting at the same time!

When you break through that fear, perhaps you'll begin to perceive the abundance all around you.  So, go ahead and share some love and wealth this week.  If you do, I think you'll find more time, energy, love and money will come your way.

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Scott ~ This is a Biblical principle! Love it! Looking for that ten dollar item to give away today.
June 25, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterpatty

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