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For All Our Good

The snappy title suggests this will be a deep and meaningful post.  Actually, it's something more literal: a name. 

For All Our Good (FAOG) is the name of a new Foundation set up to support some of the work reported here.  FAOG has the mission of providing guidance and support to highly entrepreneurial not-for-profit organizations pursuing novel, practical and demonstrably effective solutions impacting the core challenge of poverty.  While poverty's symptoms are many, its root causes can be traced back to issues such as water quality, energy indepence and education.  FAOG will do what it can to impact these issues. 

While we'd like to tackle it all at once, FAOG's initial mission will be supporting primary education initiatives in developing countries.   The first project receiving direct support is none other than ASEEMA, the organization in Mumbai, India first encountered on the "India" trip covered here.  ASEEMA has continued to do great work and FAOG is working to accelerate their model by supporting development of a sister rural school, as well as providing a computer lab with internet connectivity in their existing city school.  I encourage you to learn more about ASEEMA and, should you feel moved to offer support, consider making a donation to FAOG.  (The website is still under development!)

FAOG would not be possible without the initial sponsoring support of Lurn, Inc. and their awesome team.  Thanks Lurn!

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